Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beach Party - In Winter!

Run down of the party plan -

The Invitation (minus details)- A winter Summer Celebration
Cake inspiration from Bakerella Beach Bears
This one made by my sister
This one made by me and the kids
We had the party at the local park
Pinata - Meant to be a beachball if you can't tell =) I wasn't even going to make one (it is a 2 year olds birthday after all) but the older girls were most shocked (as we often make pinata's for parties) and demanded we make one - this was our last minute effort (they take a few days to dry)
I found these funky straws at a party shop - the kids all wanted one

A beach ball for the beachy feel in the middle of winter

One of the gifts was a bubble blower - worked a treat - the kids loved it

I had a great birthday - how about you?


Janell said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like a very fun and creative party!

chelle said...

Love the 2 shirt all dirty! Classic! The cake was wonderful. So creative. Makes me want to be two again. M

Jan said...

Happy Birthday. Oh those cupcakes are so super cute. And all the kids looked so happy. Great party.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little one!!! What a fun themed party!

Bakerella said...

Great job! And fun party too!

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