Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Cake!!

I'm doing the cake with it's own entry because it was Super EASY and Super YUMMY!!

Inspiration from Bakerella Banana Pudding Recipe and ToddleBits Sand Cake originally from Family Fun I put all these ideas together and came out with the yummiest cake I have made in a while. Banana Pudding Sand Cake

I can't believe they're making me make my own cake!!
Take Ingredients
Cake I made into Mini muffins, Banana's, Pudding Mix (condensed milk, vanilla pudding, water, whipped cream)
Catch little helper eating the condensed milk
Layer the cake, then cream/pudding mix into bucket
Layer Banana
Layer all ingredients again and end with layer of pudding
Sprinkle with crushed plain biscuits (cookies)
Decorate with spade and shells or beach type stuff

Who would have thought that condensed milk, vanilla pudding mix and cream could taste soo good!! It is honestly so yummy and makes a sweet custard/Bee Sting Cake like cream. I made this cake in 20 mins. Perfect for summer/themed parties.



chelle said...

Yes, once again I am so hungry after reading your blog! YUM! I want to make this cake tomorrow. HOW CUTE! M

Bakerella said...

Love this. Great twist on the pudding.

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