Friday, September 19, 2008

Couch to 5k

Is anyone else like me? (probably not you all say ;) But there is me.. and there is the Dream Me - Dream me is sporty, likes to run, hikes and bikes with her kids in tow, climbs mountains, surfs, a general all round fun, sporty family..

and then there is reality :) HA HA HA HA

I always say that while you wait the 6 years or so it takes for your children to be able to bike ride with you and be all active and keep up - whoops you had 6 years or so to decline.. Just as your kids need you to be climbing a mountain for YW or YM... too late you've let yourself go :)


My lovely husband and I are on a couch to 5km running program.

This is me on the couch (tv remote in hand and all)
(*old photo, for visual purposes)

This is the 5k me (well one day)
(professional runners please dont comment on my incorrect footwear - these are the closest I have to runners)

Outline is this
Each weekly challenge needs to be done 3-4 times a week
Week 1 - Walk 6 minutes, jog 1 minute x 3
Week 2 - Walk 5 minutes, jog 2 minutes x 3
Week 3 - Walk 3 minutes, jog 4 minutes x 3
Week 4 - Walk 2 minutes, jog 5 minutes x 3
Week 5 - Walk 2 minutes, jog 8 minutes x 3
Week 6 - Walk 2 minutes, jog 9 minutes x 3
Week 7 - Walk 1 minute, jog 11 minutes x 3
Week 8 - Walk 5 minutes, jog 20 minutes

Here is a sticker chart the MR made - well if it works for the kids....

Currently I am up to the 4 minute mark.. but I get a side stitch around 3 mins and basically am dying by 4 minutes so we will see if I can make it to running for 20 mins ;) So far I am pretty happy with progress and it is gentle in the incriments that I havent even had sore muscles or anything. And My MR and I have both lost a little weight!!!

I might need some coaching in the running posture though.. I think I am a huge UNCO when I run.. so if you see me running please don't laugh :)

Here are some running programs I found on the net.
Get Started with running
Couch to 5k (not the one we are doing)


chelle said...

GOOD FOR YOU! The hardest step is the one out the door. You can do this. I am so excited for you.


BTW ~ you don't look like you have let yourself go! You look great. m

Brissiemum2 said...

I had to laugh...that is so like me....the dream is so different from the reality! In my dreams I am so fit! Lol!

I think my brother used that program (or similar) for my SIL after she had their last child. Seemed to work.

And thanks for visiting my blog (No, don't think you'd left comments before so it's nice to have a new visitor!) And nice to visit another Brissie mum!!!

Sarah said...

Bobbie- I've done the C25K - it really does work. I was so excited the first day I managed to do the first 5k - it was such an achievement - I've never ever been a runner and never ever thought I would be. Now that Lewis is a bit bigger I'll have to start all over again.

Don't do yourself an injury with those shoes though will you?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I found you thru Brissiemum. I really like this and feel I may try and modify it for me.

It's no use having the x3 for me - I will have enough trouble finding enough time for once - but hey, once is better than 'nonce'!

Goodluck with it all!


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