Friday, September 26, 2008


A term I have seen thrown around the net - definately describes this family! My husband never has time off work!!

Day 5 of holidays
Picked clover to make clover chains

Introducing Fairy Queen and her litte fairy princesses

apparently this one had sun in her eyes - ignore her wonkiness

and this one is a magnet for that park bark dust

And we dug for ICE TREASURES! Found at the Crafty Crow

kept them busy for half an hour!

just freeze little plastic toys the night before


Jan said...

I love clover rings. I just love them.

That ice thing is really a great idea.

chelle said...

So fun. We made ice cube surprises. It was fun.

Love your background. Did I already tell you that? m

Montserrat said...

The queen and her princesses all look lovely. The ice block is a superb idea! It's one of those DOH! why didn't I think of that type of things.

What is the plant in your header? At least I'm assuming it's a plant. Never seen one before.

Bobbi said...

Love, love, love the ice idea!!! I will remember that for when I have Grandkids. My baby is probably a little old for that, he'd probably try to light it on fire to get it to melt faster!!! HA!

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