Saturday, November 1, 2008

12 Days of Christmas - First Day

On the First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me.... A Christmas be!

I have made Christmas Pillowcases to give away before, but never for my own children. Growing up I loved my Christmas Pillowcase (shop bought) an extra bit of Christmas Cheer each night as you snuggle into bed and so we could have good Christmas dreams.

This year I decided to start a new tradition of taking the girls to the fabric store to choose their own material to have a pillowcase made out of. You gotta snap up that Christmas fabric quick before all those crafty types buy it all ;)

Making a pillowcase is very easy.... Take a look at one you have... fold a rectangle of material(good sides together) with a bit left over the top and fold over.(or cut 2 pieces, one longer than the other. Sew sides. Unfold. I didn't have to hem the top because I used the selvedge (is that the name of the edge that doesnt fray - the edge of fabric?)But if you don't have that, Hem one top edge of the pillowcase before beginning. Does this make sense?

A beautiful Pillow ( I Love this fabric Miss K chose)

I wanted them to sleep on the for the month of December but they were so happy with their pillows they have started already and Miss K said she had a wonderful Christmas dream last night :) Working already.


Calamity Cookie said...

I really like this idea (as i'm sure i'll like ALL your ideas). I don't have any christmas fabric but I do have LOADS of other fabrics that I can use to make up a 'sort of' christmas pillow (christmas trees, snowflakes, baubles etc).

chelle said...

Such a good idea. I love letting the kids pick out their fabric.

The photo of you and your daughter at the sewing machine touched my heart. You go MOM! m

Carli said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love your new header - it reminds me of the girls in picnic at hanging rock. And your lacy shadow shot is the best :)

FCP said...

What a great idea, and a tradition they will always remember.

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