Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Hill

You know how I mentioned a few weeks ago about my offical and unofficial engagement? Well this week was the anniversary of the official (ring and all) one. I was planning on taking the husband and kids there to take photos and have a picnic dinner but all these storms and rain and busyness have prenvented me. Today we attended like our 40th wedding (perks of the MR being a YSA Bishop) and the kids were off at Grandma's decorating her Christmas tree - we took the opportunity to visit OUR HILL - it is noone elses - just ours ;)and remember that time 10 years ago :)



US (10 years older)

THE RING (still shiny after 10 years)

THE BIG TREE AT OUR HILL (picture us sitting under it when we are old :)


Montserrat said...

So sweet! I can totally picture two old people sitting on the bench under that tree. ☺

Calamity Cookie said...

Hey, I know your hill. We used to live round the corner from there. It looks really lovely in your photos.

We don't have a hill, we have 'the couch'! It's become a joke in my husbands family!!!

Jan said...

Now that is super romantic. Very very nice and cute.

Sarah said...

I know your hill too ... I reckon there'd be many a YSA couple who do!!

It is a lovely spot - and looking very green at the moment thanks to all the rain we've had.

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