Friday, November 14, 2008

Seventh day of Christmas

my true love gave to me...Seed pods from a tree :)

This might be the cheapest craft you do this holiday season - FREE!!

I collected jacaranda seed pods from my front yard, gumnuts from down the street, and these bird looking seedpods that I have no idea what they are from the next street over... all from off the ground!!

then I painted them with some house paint sample tins (gifted to me from my sister in law - THANKS Karyn :)I didn't even use a paint brush.. I just dipped the whole seed in the paint tin then hung the pods from a tree in my yard with a peg and let them drip dry in the sun :)

Then I wrapped raffia bows around them (or use whatever ribbons you have in your craft stash) and some beads for the birds and hung them using fishing line.

viola... Instant natural decorations for your tree. We have hung ours on our Thanksgiving tree (branches) Do you think the jacaranda's look like baubles, the gumnuts like bells, and unknown pod like little birds? We do.. perfect christmas decorations!


Joanna said...

I love this idea - brilliant! I think we need to do this!

Carli said...

I think they look seasonly divine!

Anonymous said...

They look so pretty!

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