Monday, December 22, 2008


Dear Primary Teacher

Thank you for looking after my children each Sunday all year! I don't think we missed a Sunday!! What hard work you do. Just so you know they do listen sometimes. Miss K has done what you asked her to do only yesterday!

From a Happy Parent

Miss K had to write a card with a Service in it for someone for Christmas. She wrote

Dear Mum
Merry Christmas. I will Mop the floor for tow (two) days. Love Miss K

Well one day later she has seen through with atleast one of those days. When the entire house is wood floors this is indeed a very much wanted act of service!! Not to mention our floors are ALWAYS filthy!!

Dear Piano Teacher

Thank you for being the nicest, best (and cheapest) piano teacher in the world! Thank you for never getting mad and always being positive - even when we NEVER practice! Thanks for your persistance.. I think we are finally getting it :)

From a Happy Parent

I almost had a heart attack this week whent the girls PRACTICED THE PIANO without a request from me. Miss K has even made up her own song with words and notes and is practicing right at this moment. I even had a small tear in my eye as she mentioned she is practicing her piece as she will play for us for Christmas. Yes I felt a little "Little Women" and "Pride and Prejudice" moment coming on!!

Several Times I had thought maybe the girls posses my musical talents (THAT BEING NONE!! I cannot sing or play any instruments and rarely even listen to music) and that maybe we were wasting the teachers time. Perhaps the price $10 for 2 kids (and dinner thrown in occassionally) per week kept me not worrying as I wasnt wasting money and the fact that their teacher is VERY NICE and Complimentive on their progress we stuck at it... Here is hoping next year is even better than this year and that they might practice more than they did this year (umm about 5 times at my begging) Each week we had to tell the teacher "Sorry We didn't practice AGAIN!!" Boy do the weeks go fast when you think "Oh Oh It's Tuesday again, and we havent practiced again!" But I didn't want to make them practice and have them turned off playing instruments as of course I wish I could play something now I am older.

Thanks to all the adults in my children's lives.. You make a difference!


Jan said...

That is so thoughtful Bobbie. I think we often forget those who really are such a great influence in our kids lives. I am so glad you notice though. Woo Hoo on the piano playing.

Karyn said...

Yippee, woohooo, Yeaaaaaah! I'm so excited to hear that there is a moment of bliss for you. I know how cramped the house is, and you have persisted in keeping the piano in the house, and now.....da da da da! Pianists. Can't wait to hear the girls play again. Please ask them to practice something for me. My heart will melt too! I promise when I buy a new piano (Soon) I will give you the one I use now.

Anonymous said...

i think your kids must be the luckiest on have such a wonderful mother. you are inspiring in so many ways.

it's so fun to see your summertime christmas photos. we spent a summer christmas '99 through new year's 2000 in new zealand and loved it. your photos brign back happy memories.

chelle said...

these are great! What a good example you are. Our piano teacher is coming today. I think I will have the kids write her a note. Merry Christmas. m

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