Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Reading this post on cjane I liked how she mention once she turned 30 she could call herself a 30-something for a long time.. I like it...


But I think 30-something is a word to be used in a few years time.. I think it sounds older (like your trying to hide something) than 30.. SO I will stick with "hey I'm 30!" for this year :)or a few more after ;) and use the 30-something after then.

Unfortunately with Christmas just gone, The MR's birthday the day before mine (what the? who has a spouse with a birthday the day before!! steal all my limelight!)and it being Summer and all and everyones away.. I think I will be having a quiet one and maybe I'll celebrate a little down the track.. (my mother always tells me I need to celebrate my half birthday - It was great to have school holidays on my birthday as a kid, but all your friends are away so heres looking at a party in June?)

and gee... I dont feel a day more mature than I did at 20... oh well :)


Calamity Cookie said...

Happy Birthday. It's $2 tuesdays at blockbuster tonight.

'Just turned 30' is what i'll be saying for a few years after!

katy said...

Happy Birthday! Just 30?!?! You are still a babe! I'm still trying to convince myself that 36 still leaves me in my "mid" 30s. Argh.

As for the buche de Noel. I didn't make it or buy it at a cute bakery . . .I must confess it was a grocery store buche. Next year's will be homemade for sure!

Happy New Year, Bobbie!

Montserrat said...

Feliz Cumpleanos!

I turned 31 on our American Thanksgiving holiday. And I don't feel much more mature than I did when I was 16!

Christie said...

And, you won't feel any more adult at 40 either. I once told my Dad that I still feel like the same person I was when I was a young adult and he said "no matter what your age, you will always feel the same on the inside. 'Who' you are is what you feel, not how 'old' you are. If you are a young person at heart, it's that you will always be!
Live like Peter Pan, that is what I think! Happy Birthday.

chelle said...

Happy Birthday! I just turned 30 14 years ago. I loved my thirties and I am loving my forties. Life is such fun and age is just a number. I love the photo you used on this post. You look great. Happy Birthday. m

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Bobbie. I think age is just for medical purposes don't you? I still (some days) feel 18-ish. Would have brought you a scrummy little cupcake with gorgeous frosting to celebrate.
xo H
PS you get free cake at the coffee club and lone star on your birthday!!!!!!

Karyn said...

Don't worry, you're so old now that no one will be game to ever ask you your age anyway! he he he. I never get asked.

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