Saturday, January 10, 2009

Soundtrack of my life

What song was #1 the day I was born?
(like my photoshopping skills? - Hey I am still learning)

The darling MR made me a CD of the Number #1 songs for each year of my birthdate - 30songs!! and boy did we have fun dancing to that little soundtrack in our PJ's on my birthday morn.

A little YMCA action for you

If you want to do the same for a loved one, google number one song for July 9 1985 (insert date) within your country (or you will get the american top songs) and then he searched the songs in i tunes and paid and downloaded them. An awesome gift I must say!


Karyn said...

I loved this idea. Gonna steal it too. d( >_< )b

chelle said...

Such a cute idea. Jim's birthday is coming up. I will have to do this. m

I love YMCA. We sing it around here all the time.

Michie said...

That's a really cool gift idea! And happy birthday!

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