Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm shy.. Its my first time..

Doing Karaoke that is!!
Those that can't sing.. do Maracca's... I did alot of shaking ;)

Now I can't sing... and people always say... Oh sure you can... people always say they can't sing... umm yeah except that I really really can't sing... Flat, Off Key, Low, Tone Deaf.. these all apply to me... really.. I'm not being modest :)

So I was more than thrilled to be invited to a girls night Karaoke Birthday Party in a Private Room at a Karaoke place.. Actually I have wanted for ages to do this as a date... I'm not that embarrassed to torture The MR's ears!!

Luckily enough for me there was no competition and it was a bit more of a group effort and with 16 voices belting it out, mine was more than easily lost in the crowd... well maybe except for the poor person next to me ;)and all we had to pay was $5 each.

I had a great time... Karaoke anyone?


Karyn said...

Sing! Like no one is listening. Apparently it's easier said than done. Great to hear you didn't pike out. I hope you enjoyed the experience.

The McClellan Clan said...

I have found with my karaoke skills that if I sing louder than normal and try to not make the best voice- which isn't really trying (SHHH dont tell) then people laugh more! I'm sure you were just GREAT!! Have a great sunday!!

Sars life said...

I am a bit shy for Karaoke but have a good go at my neices sing star when I think no one is listening. But good for you for giving it a go. Who cares how you sound it is all in fun.

Carli said...

Ha ha ha - this made me giggle again (you always make me laugh!). Love that picture!

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