Tuesday, March 3, 2009

8 Years 8 photos

Well more like 16 photos.. I couldn't choose just one per year!!

My first born child is turning 8! A very important year for us!! 8 is GREAT!!










Miss K is the sweetest friendliest little girl a family could ask for. She makes friends easily, tries to include others. She is very creative- always drawing and making. She is laid back and loves to have fun.

We love having you in our family !!


Sarah said...

What a special milestone year for a beautiful girl.

Zanabelle said...

Happy Birthday Kalani! Can't wait to see you get baptised :) And Bobbie - congrats on 8 years of parenting! Job well done :)

Calamity Cookie said...

It's a shame we can't come to Miss K's baptism, I would have loved to have taken Little Chef.

Happy Birthday Miss K:)

The McClellan Clan said...

That 2008 picture- looks just like you!!! She is a cutie!! I hope its the best birthday EVER!!!

Sars life said...

Happy birthday beautiful Miss K. Isaac and I will see you Saturday

katy said...

Happy Birthday!!

I love the chicken photo - great capture and in the one marked 2008 she looks just like you. Her expression anyway -

Congrats to you too, Mom!

chelle said...

Happy Birthday Miss K. You are just that dearest little one ever. And I have no doubt you are creative and wonderful, just like your mom.


I love the shirt idea. m

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