Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth. Saturday 28 March 2009

Earth hour originated in Sydney 3 years ago. We have participated for the last two years. The Kids love it.. any excuse to get out candles and walk around the house with them :)

We seem to be out on this date often, so we come home and don't turn on the lights and let the kids play a bit and go to sleep in candle light.

This time we come home and our German student is home with all the lights on. Miss K runs into the house

'You have to turn the lights off - Its for the earth'

student.... ' uh uh'

'It's very important - only once a year!'

So we have our fun with candles

about 15 mins into earth hour while she is in bed trying to fall asleep to the flickering candle light and trying to read a book in the dim light.. a quick heavy rain shower begins.

"The earth is crying happy tears because of earth hour" she says

(After a pretty bad 5-7 year drought any rain is appreciated around here)

'You give to the earth and it gives back'

I really don't know what environmental impact turing off all the lights has (though it is stated when cities turn off the empty office building lights etc for just 60 minutes A YEAR of electricty /carbon footprint is saved)

but I do know it made a difference to my kids and their outlook and that's all that matters

And who doesnt love a bit of candlelight??

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