Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Growing Grass

*Gasp* I am not "one of those LDS mums" Yeah it's true.. I don't have any wheat storage, I have never ground wheat, nor made a whole wheat loaf of bread (not that I don't want to.. just never have) so when I wanted to grow some grass I actually went to the health food store and purchased ....

60 cents worth of Organic Wheat!! Big spender hey!!

Soak Wheat for 8-12 hours

Sprinkle wheat over soil and wait for it to sprout (about 1-2 days)

I mist the wheat 1-2 times a day with a spray bottle of water.

I had a few fails - the seeds I put in egg boxes that had cling film under the soil did NOT sprout. The grass I put in a jar DID... so I am currently making some more in Jars.

I swear this stuff grows each time you turn your back.. we even went out for a few hours and the girls we sure it had grown while we were out. They have been measuring the grass and it grows at about 1cm a day!! We even give it haircuts regularly!!

This is about 2 weeks growth - Tall hey?

And with an egg in it. I think I might need to cut the grass shorter?

Easter Grass Anyone?

Oh and I know that I should be eating the stuff - but I dont have a juicer.. wheat grass juice is the answer to all your health needs I hear.


Zanabelle said...

What are you gonna do with it??

This Girl loves to Talk said...

nothing... it just makes me happy to look at something I have grown :) I kill most other plants we have tried to grow.

And it has been a great activity for the girls

Oh and we should eat it i suppose.. wheat grass juice has 70% of a humans health needs.. you could almost live on just the grass!! but that wouldn't be fun :)

This Girl loves to Talk said...

oh and the original reason i made it was to make little baskets of grass using egg cartons, with chocolate eggs hidden in the grass for the girls to give to their friends for easter.. but that plan didn't work out ;)

Carli said...

I love the vibrant green - but last time I grew wheat grass I used an old stocking in a jar and it really did taste like the old stocking and I can't bring myslef to do it again!!

Sars life said...

It looks to pretty to eat. I have heard of all the health benefits. I heard that you can hide it in salads. But in the end it is still grass. I did have the LDS mum that made the yummiest bread ever. She also hand made our Easter eggs. It is a pitty I do not do it for my boys. Mmm! Brown bread and Honey.

Our little family said...

My friend who is really into food storage says that 1 cup of sprouts a day will give you all the viatmins you need. Sprout mixes last at least 30 years, like wheat, as long as they're in an air tight bucket. 1 5-gallon bucket of sprout mix will last 1 adult for a year. I was excited to find a vitamin source that will last a long time.

The grass is beautiful in the jar. Makes a nice little decoration.

The ComberNation said...

This LDS mum still bakes bread with home ground wheat. An idea to include in your cooking: - sprout the wheat and mix it in with a scone mix, or savoury muffins. Just don't let the wheat get to grass stage. The essential nutrients are formed in the little sprouts - use when as long as the grain of wheat and at first use a small amount of sprouts. Happy, healthy eating. xxx

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