Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Begins :)

Ye old Candle ring has been updated for Easter and dragged out again starting Easter Thursday - we talked of Jesus doing the first Sacrament with the disciples and then washing their feet and Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane

I honestly think this is one of the BEST traditions we have ever done. The kids LOVE it and ask for it, it makes dinner in the candlelight so nice (though must be vigilant around Pyromaniac kids - inherited from The MR!!) They will talk longer and sit and enjoy more and it makes special holidays and birthdays much more special.

Next morning Easter Baskets lined up

We try to keep the chocolates and gifts AWAY from Easter Sunday - for that day to be more Spiritual. We give them their baskets Easter Friday or Saturday. On Easter Monday we always have a Easter Egg hunt at the Dam with cousins - more than enough treats!!! A Lesson at church on sunday suggested always having a picture of Jesus as part of the gift - I liked that Idea so madly ran to the local christian bookstore to grab some - these were the ONLY ones in the place... sob sob.. makes me miss the LDS bookstore we used to OWN!! We are lucky to have so many beautiful pictures to choose from as LDS!!

6am LINDT chocolate Bunnies always go down well

And why not some satin boiled Lollies too??

I LOVE THESE!! I picked these up from Darrell Lee. They are Bo Peep Satin Boiled Pillow lollies glass jar with a Bunny Sock type thing over them. Each holidays when I stayed with my Grandma as a kid she would buy us these (just the jar - no bunny back then)on a trip to her shops. So I had to get them... sob sob.. childhood memories :)

Obligatory Present shot - lucky I don't have 10 children :)


Hot Cross Buns a must on Easter Friday

I have refrained from eating them (on sale for the last month or so) until today. I split mine, grill them and put on lots of butter. See the ones I MADE Last Year here Yesterday I realised there was NO WAY I would be making Hot cross buns this year, so I just bought some :) For those so inclined I used this Recipe Here

And after all that I need a rest :)

So I ate my hot cross bun and Milo out on the deck alone listening to the rain (Does anyone else notice it NEARLY ALWAYS RAINS on Easter Friday??? mmmmm Interesting... The earth has not forgotten the sadness of what happened today)

And that is the end of our Easter Advent calendar.. I have a few more things we will do, but the weekend will be filled with friends, family (and visiting my grandma in hospital after an operation) General Conference Videos and much more!

Have a Great Easter


Delightful Domestic Science said...

You are tireless Bobbi Jean! What wonderful memories for your girlies :-)

Best wishes for a wonderful easter.

xo H

Karyn said...

Thank you for sharing. Have a great Easter Weekend, I hope all your plans make it as special as you imagined them to be.

Sars life said...

Happy Easter to you all. Will have to organise a visit when all the boys chocolate wears off

The McClellan Clan said...

Okay you seriously amaze me!! I love all the fun things you do!! you are an AWESOME mom and I'd love to have you as mine.----There is a problem with the age thing, but all the same YOU ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

We do Easter baskets on Saturday too.
I have been so inspired by your Easter activities. I will definitely be referring back here as next Easter gets close.

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