Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

There are many online resources with ideas for activities for the week leading up to Easter.

We 'borrowed' some palm fronds from our neighbour who kindly pruned her tree for us.
I read a page from a children's Easter story book we have

"One spring day before Passover Jesus said to the 12 disciples we should go to the temple in Jerusalem for celebrations. When the crowd saw Jesus riding on a donkey into the city, they thought perhaps Jesus is going to make himself their king! They began to wave and cheer and they waved palm branches and placed them infront of him as a sign of happiness and respect"

We then waved our leaves and took turns riding our 'donkey' (*cough cough* a recycled christmas camel :) through the palm leaves

We also made Palm Crosses from the palm leaves. See link here on how to make a palm cross . Since our religion does not use the cross as a symbol and we don't have any in the house (we prefer to see the joy in resurrection and not focus on the death of Christ) this will probably be the only cross craft we do, I enjoyed making them, kinda like origami :)

Here are some links that outline what things Jesus did in his last week. I plan to have a short devotional each night(and maybe a craft) with the girls on the things Jesus that day/what happened leading up to his death and resurrection.

Last Week of Jesus Life
Last week overview

A quick kids version

Sunday: Palm Sunday
Monday:Cleansing of the Temple
Tuesday: Mary annointed Jesus with perfume
Wednesday: Judas betrays Jesus for 30 silver coins
Thursday: Jesus goes to Garden of Gethsemane
Friday: Jesus Cruxified
Saturday:Laid in Tomb
Sunday: Jesus Resurrected
Monday: Appears to people and eats fish and honeycomb (I buy real honeycomb for the girls just for easter monday)

Enjoy your Easter


Sars life said...

Children learn best when they get a chance to role play. Looks like they had a lot of fun. The fish and honeycomb sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, I always want to do better at celebrating the week leading up to Easter, but it sneaks up on me and I find my self unprepared every year. This post is helpful & inspiring!

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