Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I blame the possums

Remember those passionfruit flowers? Well now I have gorgeous passionfruits everywhere.... so I am thinking is it bad to take said Passionfruit to the Church Stake gardening competition (I think you have to enter something you grew)

because technically... I didn't plant them, though they are growing in my garden... I didn't plant them, or tend them, or grow them with my love and devotion.... Personally I blame the possums... Last year there were half eaten passionfruit shells left around by the possums and maybe seeds in their poop??

Why is it that the food I don't plant grows the best... we had awesome tomatoes sprout from compost and now passionfruit... but anything I actually plant and try to grow dies :)

So if I win best passionfruit ... don't tell anyone my secret :)

1 comment:

The McClellan Clan said...

I'd take pride in that baby!! Doesn't matter how you got it. Your lovely dirt in your yard is taking perfectly good care of it. And the possum pets are fertilizing it for you!! Sounds great to me!! Nice work there.

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