Monday, May 11, 2009

MDAY roundup

The Annual Mothers Day Photo (lucky Mothers day is a Sunday :) and we are already in our church clothes

Can't get more love than this :)
(upside of attending church 5 metres from the Temple - beautiful gardens.. downside... spending each week preventing kids from picking said flowers ;)

Earlier that morning (too early...)
Breakfast made by the MR and the girls and opening my gifts (Roses chocolates, Tulips, and a Toaster, socks and slippers) The girls were so proud they kept the toaster a secret - their idea to buy it as ours was kinda broken. State of the art 4 slicer, extra lift, fit all types of bread :)

mmmm.. the slippers were so nice I almost forgot to take them off when I left the house !!
(for my Northern Hemisphere readers... socks, slippers,dressing gowns, flannel pjs are all popular mothers day gifts here as it is starting TO GET COLD!! Winter is coming :)

And Carli was right "And if it was up to me, all mothers of the world would wake up to tulips. Elegant and beautiful in their cooler-weathered simplicity"

My family knows I LOVE TULIPS!!

Hope your Mothers Day was lovely too.

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Anonymous said...

You all look so pretty for church - yes, I do believe you have THE best church gardens for Sunday pictures! (I'd like one of those toasters too :)


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