Friday, May 29, 2009


I have allowed more than one vote per person on my little poll on the side there... now... strangely The MR's choice of name seems to be winning....... hmmmmmmmm

I personally dont think Esther matches our last name.. and of course Australians dont pronouce ER... all I can think of is Festa Esta... lol.. but that is my humble opinion :)


Montserrat said...

Esther has always been on my short list for girls names too but if Australians don't pronounce the ER that would change my mind. Trying to remember the other names you had on your list post. Eve is our oldest daughter's name so that's a good one. ☺ My husband's cousin had a baby girl they named Eden which I though was beautiful.

Cowan Family said...

Hmmm... definitely something fishy going on....
Good Luck with the name picking!

Sars life said...

How often does the Mr. check your blog

Carli said...

I really like Esther more than the others so maybe he's not rigging it if there's a few more like me!

Our little family said...

Esther is one of my favorite names. How about Helen? I love that one too. It's not very common here, I don't know about Australia.

The McClellan Clan said...

I am all over Maybelle!! I'm a huge fan of that one for ya!!

BindiM said...

I loved Esther until my brothers pointed out it was too much liked Chester the Molester...once that was in my head I couldn't use it!

There are some nice names amongst Mia's school friends...mostly European. So if you are still looking for some girls names that are a little different they are:

Beata (pronounced Bee-art-a)
Lila (pronounced Lie-la)
Libertad (Spanish one...bit too far out there for me!)

Anonymous said...

I put in a legitimate vote for Esther. It's my favorite, but didn't think about how it would be pronounced there. I do think it is a lovely name though, and love names with meaning, particularly Biblical. And it has role-model appeal. I agree a little about your last name, but they're not horrible together, and she probably won't keep your last name forever.

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