Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brrrrrrr..... its cold outside

I do believe it was 2 degrees this morning (35 farenheit) when I was forced out of bed at 5am by Miss G!! How rude!! Our house is beyond freezing..(no insulation, no central heating, nothing but air under the elevated wooden floor board..brrrr) we have successfully made it 3 years without a heater so I am not backing out now :)

So the freezing cold forced me into action this morning and I whipped up some Rice Heat Bags See Last years bags here As last year I made the bags without a cover... they got pretty dirty and ended up in the bin, so this time I made ones with little pillow cases that can be washed. I used an old flannellette baby blanket to make them.

Want an easier version? Try these Hot socks by Full Circle They look like fun!

Now I am toasty warm lugging my rice bag around the house with me!! And LOL... did you see the post from last year?? I get what I deserve for joking about being pregnant!! Something I didn't think possible.... has exactly come true.. and I am even wearing a similar purple shirt today.... OoOoOoOoO... spooky :)


Jan said...

I felt the chill from here. Yikes. That is breath blowing smoke cold.

Karyn said...

It was even colder this morning - are you still alive? Have any fingers snapped off??? he he he

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