Monday, June 1, 2009

First Day of Winter..

and the 500th post I have written!! Had enough of me yet??

This morning I read this blog- Carli's Clan and felt the inspiration hit straight away... and I forgot it was the first day of winter... so PERFECT TIMING!!

Have been feeling a bad parent lately.. kids watching too much tv/movies/computer games.. and not much craft from me...

I had all the ingredients (minus a few) to do exactly what Carli did!! YAY!!

First off white playdough - so I mixed up a bowl of it and we made snowmen!! Miss G's favourite thing at the moment are snowmen. She even giggles in public toilets if she sees toilet rolls stacked up and yells out.. 'look mum... snowman!" She stacks cans and says they are snowmen.. pretty much any three things stacked on top of each other are snowmen.

The best thing? we played with the dough straight from the saucepan!! Warm playdough.. mmmmmmmm... on a cold day.. wonder if I can microwave the dough each time we play with it??

Then we made edible snowmen (Miss A made them but she had no clothes on - yes even in winter!! and she wouldn't put any on, so I said she gets no photos then!)

I only had condensed milk, icing sugar and coconut so that is what I made them out of. If I had chocolate and cream I definately would have made these snowmen at Cupcakes and all things Sweet they are super cute!!

This one looks like it's smiling

The first one 'melted' so we had to add extra icing sugar and coconut

Dreamy stuff for my kids who have never seen snow... even I have only seen snow twice and The MR once ... if you count July Summer Left over snow in Utah ;)


Jan said...

I am thinking barbecues and you are thinking snow. So funny. Those are really cute though.

Carli said...

Your snowmen are cute too - very easy and not as cold as the real thing :) I'm glad you enjoyed your reflective time at the temple (I wanna see another pic of your belly!)

katy said...

super cute! I always forget our seasons are opposite from each other.

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