Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unplug Your Kids Challenge - Mechanical

so I dont technically think this is very 'mechanical' but real robots are mechanical aren't they? My girls usually lean towards making animals and family type things so this would be mechanical- ish for them :)

I have been collecting boxes for weeks - stuffing them in my laundry (we rarely do recycled arts, as I cant stand the boxes/junk sitting around :) Bad mummy me :) So I thought this weeks challenge at Unplug your Kids was the perfect time to get rid of them all.

Put boxes out everywhere and invite neighbour over

Some of the finished creations - hard to see the details but one even has a moustache

I noted if one wanted toilet rolls for legs all the girls copied each other... so a fight broke out over the toilet rolls, I save the day by finding plastic cups only for them all to copy eachother and use cups for legs and arms... annoyingly to me, I felt this stifled creativity.. but oh well.....

I was even ready to donate a roll of aluminium foil to this project and wanted the girls to cover up the boxes (I find the printing distracting) but none of them wanted to do that. I was pretty persistant that they stick foil or paper over the front boxes so we could draw faces, buttons, knobs etc to make them more roboty looking.... after a while my 8 year old got sick of me going on about it and said

"Mum.. It is more ARTISTIC this way - we want them not covered!"

"Its recyled art"

So I got told... no foil robots here sorry :)

*and a note of Thanks goes to Lucky Holly (sorry her blog is private or I would link it as it is awesome :) who kindly sent me a package of craft things for my kids after I lamented never having enough stuff on her blog (be careful what you say on others blogs!!) Her rolls of sticky tape came in handy for this one as they girls were very heavy handed with the tape to stick their creations together - Thanks Holly

This weeks Challenge: Tiny


Delightful Domestic Science said...

Thanks for the sweet mention. I have some good news to share, Lucky Holly is going public for one week! From next Monday June 29th till July 6th. Inspired by my guest spot on makeitperfect.blogspot which is also happening next monday with my 5 ingredient recipe that will rock your world - frequently!
Tell your friends!
LH said...

Great idea! Great way to recycle the recycling!

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