Monday, June 29, 2009

Unplug Your Kids Challenge - Tiny

We had so many ideas for this weeks Unplugged Project Tiny is a good theme!

We are still working on making some tiny things with some air drying clay we have. But this is what we did do

I got this idea from my new favourite Mum/kids craft blog Filth Wizardry check hers out as they did a ton more than we did.

Basically upend some boxes, and let the kids loose with nails and screws. Use screwdrivers and rocks instead of hammers

My two year old loved it and she was surprising good with our little hammer and didnt hurt herself at all. I gave her a piece of styrofoam to make it easier

Quotes from this activity

"oh oh... we got movement" (when the screws were screwing in)
"Its doing it, its doing it!!" (When I suggested they unscrew all daddys screws to put back in the jar - the excitedness of the screw 'reversing' was too much :)

My original idea for the tiny challenge was to make little dolls out of the many palm seeds scattered around our block, but the girls just couldn't get going on this one. So I did it myself!!

I am always interested in the little Waldorf Gnomes I see on the net and wanted to make something like those - See some Gorgeous ones here at Feeling Stitchy

Take Seeds and little pieces of felt - triangles and rectangles

I was mega lazy and just hot glue gunned it all together. Stuff under the body piece with cotton balls/wadding etc so they stand up. These took all of like two minutes each to make

Tell Gnome Stories in bed - Once made the girls loved these little things

They were biggest hit with my 2 year old, she played for hours with them - esp the tiny wrapped baby ones

This Weeks Challenge: Container


Crescent Moon said...

You were very busy with the tiny stuff! Great idea for teaching kids how to use screw drivers.

Dana Leeds said...

We just got back in town and I saw the "tiny" theme last night. I was thinking about making "tiny" dolls from nature! I like yours! And, I'll have to check out that blog you linked to - sounds neat!

Dana Leeds said...

I found something "tiny" to do at Filthy Wizard and just posted about it. Thanks again for the link!

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