Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 photos 3 years

Yeah right I could pick 3 photos!! Little Miss got sick right after her birthday with an ear infection so I forgot to post her special 3 photos 3 years post!!


Blessing Day

6 months
she still has a long tongue and can lick her nose - which she does frequently!

1 year
70% of her pictures involve a dirty face/food covered face

She loves swimming and asked for a pool party for her birthday this year... sorry winter baby... not happening :(

2 years

3 years
photo credit to Zanabelle Photography

Looking through all her photos she is defined by gorgeous big blue eyes, no hair, dirty face, cheeky smiles, DUMMIES! too many photos with dummies in them (pacifier for those not in the know) sneaking into food - milo, nutella, peanut butter, butter; no clothes and a very few cute well dressed shots... That would be Miss G in a nutshell


The ComberNation said...

Now, who would ever want to send a gorgeous chick like this back. Just beautiful.

Sars life said...

My favourite is the six months shot of miss G.

Karyn said...

These capture Miss G perfectly. And she is huggable too!

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