Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trash Talking

Yes... only my girls..

Trying my best at allowing unsupervised play (I can hear them on the lane, but not see them)

I come out and find :

Ingenious method of getting in the bin (not the first time by the time I photographed)

Then get stronger neighbour boy to pick up bin and push you around

= hours of fun

to their defence.. they chose the recycle bin as it was cleaner and had nothing in it, but some cardboard.

I made them bathe as soon as they entered the house...ewwwwwww


Carli said...

Ha ha! The neighbourhood child looks like he's having as much fun pushing them around :)

Sars life said...

I can see this ending up on U Tube. I do remember encouraging my younger brother to hide in the kitchen bin during a game of hide and seek when we were younger - After Mum had removed the bin bag. Yuck but Loads of fun!

Christie said...

That is FANTASTIC! :)

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