Monday, July 6, 2009

Unplug Your Kids Challenge - Container

This weeks challenge at Unplug Your Kids was container

My first idea was this one (once again from filth wizardry) about making origami boxes. With the many asian students that have lived with us over the years, we are pretty good at origami, but the girls got frustrated that their boxes didnt turn out too well(it is very important in this one that the folds be perfect)so I made these boxes, and then the idea was shelved! The boxes are about 5cm square, perfect for little toys

So moving on.... what is better than containers for your feet?? Exactly!! I still did the folding, but the girls measured and put their feet in etc and decorated! Making Paper shoes is fun!! This Idea once again from Filth Wizardry - with instructions from Instructables

One Shoe waiting

Gorgeous Dahhhling!!

And this is a project we started today from a wax fruit box - an easy castle.. we might add to it... we might not.. but it's a container!!!

Next Weeks Challenge: FAST


MamaGames - Alexa C. said...

My son loves the easy box castle... not like this kid is lacking for castles, but he always wants more!

The origami shoes look great, and I know from experience the boxes are not so forgiving! :) I think my kids would love making those shoes, we'll have to try it.

Crescent Moon said...

You did a great job on your origami! I especially like the shoes. I've never seen that before.

amelia said...

wow..i love your shoes.. :)

Deborah said...

A great idea for a castle.

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