Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blogging for Bubbles

Friday afternoon whilst half dressed, in a dishelved state, I hear someone at the door. oh oh.. who could that be?

I open the door to a wonderful woman from church who I haven't seen in about two years (our ward got split and they were put in another stake.)

I am a mess, the house is a mess, laundry is everywhere over my back varandah, I don't think there was a clean room in the house

She bought me dinner and brownies - how thoughtful! She says "I read your blog and I had been meaning to bring you something anyway" and it gave her a reason (ie my rant about how hard it has been)

She also bought a WONDERFUL GIFT for the Older Girls - some thing to help with the "my mother is ignoring me and I have to fend for myself" baby misery they are having to deal with.

It was the biggest bottle of bubbles I have ever seen with cool bubble blowers and some chocolate. It really made a difference. We spent Friday afternoon blowing our stresses away. Bubbles make everyone smile - even tired mums.

The best thing - I didnt even know that she read my blog. So are you a secret lurker? Do you want to come out? Leave me a comment so I know who's out there, I'm too lazy to get a stat counter and stalk you all.

And I will accept all food offerings and gifts :)

I promise not to be too embarrassed - as I kept saying to Rachel over and over - Oh I don't blog sad things for people to feel sorry for me - How embarrassing! It also made me think that in some ways it is nice to know when people are in need - makes it easier to serve them... so anyone out there need anything... cause I owe the universe now.. good karma goes around, so I am off to spread some.

And by the way the last few days have been great - a very good improvement in all areas!

I am off to blow some bubbles

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Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Susan and I'm Petas' and Kylies' Auntie. Wayne Dumbrell is my brother, and I read your blog every day. You blog a lot more than the two girls and I get great ideas from you for Nursery.

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