Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink Rag Quilt

When Miss N was a week old I went to a easy quilt class at church. Using flannel squares to make a quilt. I wanted one! Lucky for me I was gifted a few flannel baby blankies. I like to use really big blankies to wrap my babies in, as they wiggle out of those tiny 80cm baby blankets.

So I decided to cut them up and use them for this quilt so I can still keep them - just in another form :)

Cut 25 squares of printed flannel of choice. You also need 25 white squares for the middle and 25 plain squares for the back

Place 3 together with good sides facing out

Sew a X through the middle of the 3 pieces

Keep going until you do all 25 squares

Lay out your 25 squares in desired pattern

Sew 5 squares into rows with seams facing up/outwards

Sew the 5 rows together

Sew around entire quilt

Cut the seams and edges at around 1-2cm intervals all over

Wash and dry several times for raggy look

Thanks to Amanda for her help in cutting the squares and teaching me how to do this quilt - I LOVE IT! It really was easy to sew.


Cowan Family said...

ooooh I love it Bobbie! You definitely are Superwoman if you're making a quilt in the throws of newbornness!!

Sars life said...

Very Pretty

Delightful Domestic Science said...

Oh Bobbie! This is gorgeous! Some day I'm going to make one too!

Anonymous said...

how big did you cut the squares and how big was the blanket>?

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