Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beach Babies

We've been having fun! Can you tell? We went to 3 different beaches on the spring holidays. The last one had dark sand/mud flats which the girls flung at each other..nice.. they needed a bath afterwards - they were black!

Miss N's first trip to the beach (Ok well the man made one in the city)

Do these togs make me look fat? Someone gave me the cutest little togs - they are really shiny and sparkly, even if they are still a little too big

The girls enjoyed rock pooling - we saw crabs, sea anenomes, and weird looking dragon sea slugs

I think I prefer the beach in Spring - too hot in Summer.. better get my fill now :)


Sars life said...

Love the beach but you are right none of us enjoy it as much in Summer until the sun begins to set.

Christie said...

The baby looks so long. She is growing so fast! Darling outfit!

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