Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From Little Things Big Things Grow

My wonderful Nanna (the girls great grandma) knits cute little outfits for me each time I have a baby - but babies grow so fast and barely wear them! I have a pile of knitted cuteness which usually ends up in the girls doll dress up box.

About 2 years ago I filed away the cutest cot decorating idea from Nie Nie Dialogues into the recesses of my brain and the idea came back to me as I was staring at these lovely handmade knitted outfits - I have to show them off! See the ideaHere on Nie Nie including a tour of her old house at cookie.

As much as I would LOVE to wash them and shrink them I just couldn't bring myself to do it on purpose! So I chose some little sweaters and matching booties and strung them on some twine. Tie onto cot ~ and voila ~ instant cuteness!! Though I suppose this idea is only for when they are little.. once they get bigger and can use their hands it will be destroyed :(

I usually like to keep my babies next to me until they are about 6 months old. I love having them sleep near by and I am the laziest mother out there - so I pick em up crane style from the crib next to me and feed them while I am still basically asleep!!

But Miss N is one noisy baby! wiggly windy baby... So she has been put in the beautifully decorated Cot ~ NEXT DOOR! - well in her sisters room across the hall - better sleep for all now ~ But oh I miss her!!

She still gets smuggled in at 3am and ends up staying curled up with me till 5am ~ Can't be too strict now ~ She is probably my last baby and oh how I want to eat her up ~

From Little things big things grow - and I just want her to stay this way!!

This is also inspiring me to do a little more decorating. None of the girls have ever really had a decorated matching type room - basically they just have second hand bits and pieces.

So from little things big things grow - I am going to move on to making some cute bunting for the room - maybe like this? And some matching canvas art - I just have to think of a pattern or idea - Baboushka's? Flowers? Dinosaurs? Birds?

Let the Ideas Grow...


Delightful Domestic Science said...

Great post! Wasn't that nienie idea the best?! Bunting is really fun to make by the way!

Cowan Family said...

Bobbie it looks so cute!! Well done. Do you remember Amy Young from the sunshine coast? Well she's married and obviously goes by a different name but - when you mentioned making punting I immediatley thought of her because she's just started a business and checking out her site will give you a myriad of ideas to decorate the girls' rooms and I think you have the artistic knack to pull it off!
Her stuff is gorgeous! *sigh*

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