Thursday, October 8, 2009


I love, love, love all my daughters crystal clear blue eyes. Did I once have eyes like that??

Since I spend most of my day looking into Miss N's eyes I often see my reflection in them and wonder how she sees me.

Is love reflected there?






An example to grow into?


Maybe, maybe all of the above, maybe none of the above.

Nevertheless - this is what I contemplate - REFLECTIONS

Are we sometimes relecting out to others our NOT true self? I want my reflection to show my inner desires, beliefs, what I know to be true.

Why do I allow my children to see the Not so perfect me? The one who may be angry, have a short temper, or the one whom is too busy to stop and play. Who allows a schedule or clean house to mean more to me than they do?

I will try harder to reflect

**Update - Do I have to still be kind that while I was composing this Miss G unrolled toilet paper around the house?

And please note I don't really have a clean house - what upsets me the most is that I have to tell my kids No alot just so I can achieve minimal cleaning so the house is liveable - that is the most annoying - or maybe the dirt just follows us around - see a previous post- We are PIGPEN about this topic!!


Montserrat said...

Good thought provoking post! Give me something to think about while trying to sleep but can't because baby is kicking my ribs.

The ComberNation said...

Why do you let them see the real you? !. Because they too will be mothers and they will remember - Oh Yes, now I remember what it's like.
The "No" principal is universal and eternal. Practice it now, the children get used to you saying it - then they understand what to do to get the "yes" from parents. And they will also know that you don't always agree to all their demands. Continue this practice your whole life - because you have one (a life) and then you will continue to have your own life apart from the children as they grow older.They will come to understand(as they get much older) that mum's have their identity and sometimes you will say no because it conflicts with something you had planned or you can't cope with it etc.
Hmmm. It's the waiting that is difficult. Sure is frustrating having to chastise or discipline constantly. Then again in the eternal perspective that could continue anyway so it is good practice now. xxxx

This Girl loves to Talk said...

Mum - I am all for No in disciplining sense - i meant no in the I just dont have time for you sense - which of course I do, but choose not to.

and cocoa I dont have much time for my other 'pursuits' at the moment so thinking is all I got.. maybe some more thought provoking posts from me in the near future!! LOL

Sars life said...

Well you can't be perfect 100% of the time. I am lucky that my 5 yr old loves to help and does a very good job. He very quickly learnt that if Mum can have 15 mins to do her jobs that he will be rewarded with some positive attention. If that did not work I would pull out an activity box that I could supervise while I did my job.

Anonymous said...

I see your father in your blue eyes, and your hands, I know he would of been tickled pink with his beautiful princess, and what a wonderful women you have become.

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