Monday, November 9, 2009

11 years ago

11 years ago I may have looked like this...

Thank heavens for digital cameras I say ~The world needs less horrible Gummy Photo's (could my top lip go any higher?) and more attractive photos (when it doesn't matter that it took you 20 attempts to get it right and praise that delete button) I can't even show you the self portrait we took of ourselves it is THAT BAD.

Now there's the secret engagement (cause it was only like 2 weeks after we started officially dating) and then the real one -when its backed up with a ring - you know its the real deal but this first date is the one we always remember


We might have gone to our hill and The Mr might have had a crazy as grin on his face. I enquired to his behaviour and he said he 'couldn't tell me - YET'

A few hours later (like midnight - should I totally embarrass myself here and say that I GOT GROUNDED BY MY MOTHER after this for returning home TOO LATE 2am for the several night in a row) back at his house the man just couldn't contain himself any longer. In all seriousness he turned and Asked Me To Marry Him!

I might have said "OH I FEEL SICK" (but from my journal I was thinking this: There was such a spirit and love and warmth and belonging in that voice. My heart started to beat wildly. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I felt like I was gonna be sick!)

which luckily for me the MR interpreted as a "YES"

My goal for the rest of my married life is to have this look of joy each time I look at The Mr

The Gums are out :D

*Post Edit

Literally as I was posting this.. I got a delivery of long stemmed Pink Roses.... What a man I have..

The world definately needs more flowers and less Gum!!


katy said...

Congrats! The roses are beautiful. I will never, ever tire of fresh flowers as a gift. They are simply the perfect gift. Wishing you another wonderful year -

Karyn said...

Wow. What a beauty! You look more radiant now than you before. Are you aging in reverse? Congrats to you both.

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