Friday, November 13, 2009

Third Day of Christmas

My True love gave to me...

Christmas pillowcases for dreaming..

OK, so I posted this craft last year too. At first I thought we could just use the same pillowcases from last year as they are in perfect condition - but wheres the fun in that? - its all about the process and not the end product (I figure once I accumlate years worth of Christmas pillow cases we can recycle them into some other Christmas thing - it just a way to store material really)

Firstly we did our 'special date for christmas material' where they were allowed to choose whichever material they wanted (while I madly steered them towards the 'CHEAPER' christmas fabric :)

Then each girl sat with me and sewed their pillowcase. Miss K could almost do it herself (she just needs a little help keeping the material straight) Miss G even did it this year. She loved sitting on my lap pushing the material through.

Go to last years post for instructions on how to sew a pillowcase, I eyeballed it this year and made a mistake!! LOL

Have many lovely Christmas dreams!

1 comment:

Sars life said...

I think it is fantastic that you are teaching the girls to sew.

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