Monday, December 7, 2009

Never Stop Playing

Last night we had a dinner party with some 6 friends. Friends that didn't have any children. As I was preparing the girls for the evening (warning/begging/pleading for them to behave)

I had this actual conversation with Miss A

A: Why do adults like to talk so much?

Me: We just do

A: Why? Why do you like to talk

Me: Well there comes a time when you prefer to talk to your friends rather than just play with them

A: I will NEVER stop playing

A: You never want to play mummy

Me: Sure I do

A: Some people play tennis

Me: I don't have a tennis racquet or a court

A: Well just go to one

Me: alright

so ok busted I dont like to play with my kids - and now I have a baby to feed every 3 hours it seems like I am merely a spectator these days. There has been WAAAAYYYYY too much tv watching and being on the computer (can I help it if I am talented enough to be able to breastfeed and type on the computer at the same time - Might as well do two things at once, no?)

I want to get them to the age where we can do things together without too much disaster.

But that would mean playing with them now, so they might actually want to be with me later.

Now.. don't get me wrong.. I am silly... I like to muck around....I read and sing to my kids every night... but I am going to have to make a more structured goal to play with my children more.

Should be easy since School Holidays start next week.

6 LONG WEEKS of playing

Tennis anyone?

These thoughts made me think of a fantastic post by BEV about Avoiding Motherhood
Who would do such a thing?? Oh thats right.. ME ..... go read it :)


Karyn said...

I remember the day I decided to go outside and play tennis on the road, after having a similar epiphany about playing with my boys............the neighbours came out and introduced themselves, they became good friends and now we're back to talking again!

Peta said...

aaaaahh every time my kids get on the floor and ask me to play with them, their cars ready for or strawberry short cake and her cat ready to go - dread runs through me and i think 'i just cant use the old imagination like i used to' That post that BEV wrote pops in my head too - ooohh its hard to do - to just play. It was so much easier when we were kids....

Cowan Family said...

Oh Bobbie I am so privileged to be mentioned in such a fabulous blog as yours!! Thankyou! It is nice to know I am not alone in my dislike for playing with the children. And yet, I chose it as a profession.... funny that. Enjoy those 6 weeks of holidays..... I also like to call my avoiding motherhood 'teaching children independence and cooperations with their peers'!!!!

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