Sunday, December 20, 2009

Twelfth Day of Christmas - Sabbath

my true love gave to me

a reminder of the reason for the season.

8 Years ago some friends came to our house, read The polar Express and gave us a beautiful homemade card with a red bow and a picture of the Saviour. They drew an analogy from the end of the polar express "Though I've grown old, the bell still rings for me as it does for all who truly believe" ~ and they likened it to ones testimony of the Saviour. They asked if our belief and testimony still shone as bright today as it did when we first came to the knowledge of the truth. It must have spoken to me as I can still rememeber it, whilst I have forgotten other gifts.

Over the years I thought that our Christmas Tree didn't bear enough witness of what the whole meaning of Christmas is about. Apart from the star on top or a nativity set we didn't have much that was celebrating the birth of Jesus.

These ornaments are made from cutting out pictures of Jesus from years of Ensign Magazines and from Deseret Catalogues (perk of previously owning a LDS bookstore) Likewise you could just print a desired picture of your chosing from the internet. (I dont have a colour printer, so haven't been able to use this method.) I ususally mount on black card and white paper. Print a scripture on white paper, tape together, laminate and add a bow.

I have literally made 100's of these over the years (and only have 3 left!) to be given away at Relief Society Meetings and classes, added to Christmas baskets, accompaning The Nativity DVD , around the neck of a bottle of maison, attached as a bow on the outside of a present.

I hope to convey to my children the real meaning of Christmas, and that it is faith, hope and love in the Saviour that can bring peace to us ~ which is the greatest gift one can ever recieve


Anonymous said...

What wonderful wonderful ideas - I love how you are sharing your testimony with all the little things especially to your kids xxx


Sars life said...

That is a lovely picture. A very thoughtful present.

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