Monday, January 18, 2010


I have a recurrent themed dream.

Each time it may be different but the premise is the same

Last night I was trying to get to The MR's work. He has a series of secrets ways to go that avoid roads/time consuming lights etc. In my dream I was caught up in elevators, different buildings trying to take the short cuts to get to him.

Basically in these dreams I do the same thing over and over and there is always something preventing me accomplishing what it is I am trying to do, or stopping me getting where I want to go.

Other times the dreams have been

I was at school and could not find my school bag. So I look and look and look

I parked my car, walked a few streets did whatever it was I had to do, then went to walk back to my car,but end up walking for ages saying, the car was just here. I walk and walk and walk and start freaking out that I wont be back in time to get my kids from school

I was at my parents, in my sisters wardrobe trying to find something to wear. I pushed hanger after hanger, not finding what it was that I needed. None of the pieces matched. So I just stood in the cupboard flipping through the hangers

I have been in school and not had my timetable, wandering around looking for a classroom

Sometimes I even wake up tired from these dreams!

Think I have issues much?

Normally I read nothing into my dreams. I don't even remember most of my dreams. I really don't think they mean anything. But now that I have had several dreams were I am doing the same thing over and over, or trying to reach somewhere but not being able to I am starting to think I need to look into it.

Am I unfulfilled?

Is there something I am searching for?

Something subconsciously out of reach?

Want to dream analyse me?


Anonymous said...

Bobbie, we definitely need that girls nite!

Sars life said...

Some people read way to much into their dreams. Send some children my way and go out for some time out.

Unknown said...

Yep, you've lost yourself! Completely taken over by less important and insignificant details of life. Where is Bobbie? Bobbbbbiiiiieeeeee! Maybe this blog is not enough, you may need to find something that is just about you. Most young mums with young kids would have the same dreams I think. In my dreams I used to get lost at airports, but I didn't have a ticket to go anywhere. My easy idea: Host a themed dinner party! Dress up as a pirate randomly for a day! Learn a language!

Delightful Domestic Science said...

I usually dream that I have an important function on a saturday evening and am trying desperately to get to a hairdressers to get my hair shooshed up but can never get an appointment. My going to the function always seems to hinge on me getting my hair just right. That's so me though.

I think sometimes dreams relieve our subconcious of all our half thoughts of the day. Some dreams are from God sending us a particular message. Those are powerful and you'll never forget.

You're a thinker - these dreams have got you thinking so go with it and see where it leads.


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