Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Allowed

Typical Sunday morning self portrait

You are NOT allowed to Create. This is NOT the time for Creating

those were my words to miss K who insisted on getting out scissors, card, skewers etc on Sunday morning at 8:15 as we were heading out the door to church.

why must it be so.... only a few weeks ago these were my words too..

Can you PLEASE not do that. Don't make a mess. Please stop playing with the toys.

Did that honestly come out of my mouth?


What the heck type of mother am I.

One that is learning to live on other peoples timetables. That's what!

( In my defense otherwise known as IMD they were searching through the cupboard that has all the toys in it. They were looking for a particular something and then 'discovering' many long forgotten about toys. The Mr was away on a work trip. I was highly anticipating the end of the day.)

Our timetable sometimes doesn't leave much time for play. Come home from school. They eat, throw off their clothes, homework and watch one hour of tv. We bath, eat dinner, read a book and then off to bed.

I want to do some craft with my girls after school. They do not. They pretty much like to do it at the most inconvient times. Mornings, bedtime, when we are going somewhere.

I know this is no great reveal:

Kid's don't always do things according to their parents wishes.

Genius me, I know.

Is this to teach patience? Payback for what I did to my parents? Is this how God feels?

Waiting for us, waiting for us to be good, waiting for us to acknowledge his hand? Watching us make messes. Putting off what we should be doing. Trying to squeeze things in at the wrong times. Doing other things and not being present with those in front of us.

Am I forcing others to live on 'my' schedule?
Am I bothered by having to live on 'others' schedules?

well I say throw the schedule out the window.

which is totally hard for me to do. .....Breathe...... And enjoy the present.

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Sars life said...

I have to laugh! Lachlan does the same thing 5 minutes before we leave for school every morning. Don't they say that parents are most stressed in the morning getting ready for school/church than at any other time of the day.

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