Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Brain

We will have to make do with dolls to fill our baby cravings

It seems like everyone is having babies.

I was pretty sure that I didn't want any more children.

But this week I felt, for a tiny little while... I want to have another baby. All this baby talk is making me clucky. (not to replace Miss N who is the most perfect baby - just clucky to add to my family)

What was I thinking??

Funny how after only a couple of months it is so easy to forget the pain.

Forget the sleepless nights, legs that don't work/have a mind of their own, back pain, Stress, uncomfortableness and just plain worry.

Whilst having a 5th child may be no problem, I might have to live with the fact that Miss N will be our last. For many reasons.

Some people like babies. I like mine. But I don't want to be a person who loves having little babies, yet doesn't know how to handle her preteens. Great with little children yet has wild teenagers.

It may be time to move on. Move on from nappies, baby food, baby toys. Move on to knowing how to have great conversations with older kids. Preparing myself for the busyness of social committments (the kids not mine lol) Learning how to listen. How to navigate through the difficulites of life. How to talk about drugs, sex and rock and roll. How to prepare them for life. And to teach myself how to enjoy it. Embrace the age of thinking, testing, questioning, pushing limits, growing, daring, exploring, trialing, maturing.

Some say that the most important years are 1-5. I think that is true for physical needs. As a small child you need to be fed, loved and sheltered.

However I feel the most important years are probably the 8-12 years. This is the time I can teach them who to rely on. This is the time I need to start open dialogue. This is the time they need lots of Daddy daughter dates to know who they need to be close to. The time for less bossing from me and more understanding. This is the time to lay the foundations for that most hard test in life - teenagerhood.

As the mother of four daughters... I better get prepared. :D

Some times I am scared I am messing this time up.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same! I love babies, and the idea of being pregnant etc (although not the reality), but you have to know your limitations! draw the line!
Quality not Quantity!!
your girls are gorgeous, and surely you were a lovely teenager, so you should be right! fingers crossed any way!

Christie said...

I have 3 daughters; 12, 10 and 5. I wonder often if I am messing this time up as well. I think what is most important is communication. There are a lot of things that are a bit hard to talk about but maneuver it anyway! I often feel ridiculous during discussions but confident once we are done speaking. Keep talking!

Zanabelle said...

Come on, just ONE more? It could be a boy this time?? ;) Hey, unlike some of us, you've still got a uterus! hahahaha...I kid I kid! 5 teenagers? Just glad it's you and not me :P

Just ME said...

You hit the nail on the head Bobbie! Babies are gorgeous but they grow up. I think one of the most marvelous and yet most difficult things about parenting is adapting to and enjoying ALL the stages and ages. I dread the thought of teenage girls.... Hopefully I get my dream of a boys-only family (oh! I better stop now!) though I realise that teenage boys won't exactly be fun either...
Of course, it's a little sad to think of the baby stages over but what joy it brings to watch children grow and develop and progress in this big wide world.

Felicity said...

so many similar thoughts on motherhood :) it must be the ages of our kids!!!

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