Friday, February 26, 2010


Easter is less than 40 days away you know. YIKES!

I saw these cute fabric eggs from Retro Mama via Bindi's Blog.

I thought they are so adorable I must try. Perfect timing as my sewing machine is broken (currently getting a service). Perfect timing 'cause these little babies are hand sewn. I don't think I have hand sewn anything in my life! (apart from applique)

The first one took the longest (as always) and a few turned out less like eggs and more like balls, but the girls didn't mind as I let them have the not so good looking ones to play with. I used 2 old dresses (of the girls) to make them. Little scraps of fabric are perfect for these, so I have enough material to make 100's! Which could be good if I decide it would be fun to do an egg hunt with these instead of the chocolate version - I don't know about you , but we always end up with too much chocolate at Easter.

However they were fairly relaxing to make while watching tv, reading blogs etc. And I thought if I start now, I might have a few for display in time for Easter.

They are far from perfect, wiggly stitches, and oddly shaped. But the girls love them.

Perfect for our Easter.


Delightful Domestic Science said...


BindiM said...

So cute! You beat me to making them. I still haven't found where to buy craft stuffing here. I miss Spotlight.

C said...

they're not eggs...they're mini-footballs!

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