Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

I think miss K was 2 years old before she had chocolate. That first child is so sheltered and kept away from bad stuff. No one to ram food down their throats. No other children who don't know the dangers of giving Choc Chip Cookies to babies. No kids dragging you around by the neck, leaving you in precarious positions when they are bored with you. With each child the danger to them increases.

A few weeks ago Miss G comes out of the baby's room saying " Mum, Mum, Ta Ta LOVES Iceblocks" I say "Don't feed her iceblocks, she is too little." Miss G says "No mum, she LOVES them!" The baby had latched on to that icypole and was sucking for dear life.


Usually a child's first birthday is the first time they eat cake.

Well not when Grandpa's are around.

Too easily manipulated they are. Grandads secretly love indulging grandchildren.

All little girls should have grandads wrapped around their little finger.

And that is why Miss N enjoyed her first cake very much.

Thank you Grandad. oxo Love N


Anonymous said...

Lol I love it, Grandmas would never do anything like that

Sars life said...

You cannot be everywhere all the time. Pitty you did not get it on video!

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