Sunday, February 14, 2010


Our offering for valentines. We cut out heart shapes in toast.
I put jam in a zip lock bag and piped it around the edges.

I don't do valentines. Our Wedding anniversary is a week before, so it is a moot point. Only in recent years have I started doing stuff with the girls cause of all the cute crafts out there on all the american blogs I read.

Basically it's pretty unfair to guys.. I mean what do you buy them? That's why I don't do valentines. Me? I'm easy - flowers, chocolates, lovenotes, jewellery.. whatever... same as most girls. But guys what the heck to you get them? So to save myself having to think of another thing to buy The MR (I can't even get it right on birthday, christmas, fathers day.. ahhh the stress) we just share our gifts with the family. Last year he got us roses. This year I got us these Cute message chocolates.

Yesterday I went on a Valentines date with some girlfriends and Saw the Valentines Day movie. Not sure how I feel about a movie that had two people have affairs, a young couple planning their 'first time', a phone sex worker, and lots of miscommunication.

But one thing the movie did was make me appreciate my relationship with my husband. I am glad we are married. I am glad we are planning for eternity and not planning on affairs. I am glad I don't have to attend 'I hate Valentines' parties.

I admit it is good to have a 'day' to remind us to love. To love one another and to appreciate our spouses and families. It is a tad overcommercialised for my liking.

But Feelings are free. And these are mine.

To The MR

To my other half. My perfect half.
You make me whole.
I love you with all my life.

Love This Girl. xx

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Karyn said...

VOMIT! Too much! Too far! Put it in a card....LOL

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