Friday, February 12, 2010

Sympathy Pains

Miss A turned 7 this week. Did I ever tell you about Miss A's birth?

No you say?

Well let me start two days before. The Mr wakes me up at 2am saying :

"I haven't slept all night. I am in agony. I need you to ring the ambulance."

Yeah, you don't say that to a woman who is 40 weeks pregnant.

Ambulance comes and takes him away - so calls to my family to wake them up, babysitters and off I go to the hospital.

Appendicitis - Later in the day off to surgery. Apparently it was pretty infected.

That night while The Mr is doped up on drugs a nurse says to me

"oh you look very pale, you sure that baby isn't coming tonight?"

I say "oh my first child was 2 weeks overdue I am sure #2 will be the same."

"It better not come tonight!"

I go home alone with my little sister helping me out. I wake a few times during the night with uncomfortable pains. By the fourth time it happens I realise they are happening every half hour wake my sister. We have got to go to mum's now I say.

I drive the car to my parents, lucky contractions are 10 mins apart, so I only have 2 while driving. I spend the next few hours stomping around their backyard entertaining the neighbours and the chickens.

When I can't handle it anymore my parents take me to hospital.

Not the hospital The Mr is at.
Another one - 40km away!!

Lucky my dad is a nurse and having not seen any of us be born (no men allowed during ceasars in the old days) he was most excited. He made a very good hand holder (after mum couldn't bear seeing me in pain anymore) I swear iIfelt like I was breaking his hand.. he said it was nothing! Of course Miss A would have to come ON her due date!

Miss A was born in a few hours, with only gas and for me! Afterwards (definately not during) I felt great.

The next day The Mr checks himself out of his hospital. He did not feel so good

All the photos at the hospital The MR is in my bed holding the baby

We'll put it down to Sympathy Pains.... the Mr wanted to share.

He is always there for everything except the birth of our first two children :D


Cowan Family said...

Oh that was hilarious!! Why did he miss your first-born's birth?

Montserrat said...

HA! Too funny. He does look like he's the one that gave birth in that photo.

Karyn said...

I forgot how bizarre that time was for you. What happened during the first birth?

Sars life said...

Murphy's Law.

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