Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can I make 50 of these?

Saw these and thought they would make a cute class gifts for the girls friends.

They are about 10 cms tall. Scroll down on the above link and print out the pattern. I used the small pattern.

To make it easier I would maybe print on card so it stands up better. I used mini marshmallows as they are much cheaper than jelly beans. I would need 20 packets otherwise, but jelly beans are heavier and would make the rabbit sit better.

The question is do I have the patience to make 50?

If not they will just be for neighbours and a few select friends at school.

*oh and you must all change over to global settings on your blogger! I have wondered how people do strikeout, large pics, etc! Go to your Customize, then to settings, scroll down to global settings. Mine was set to Old blogger. Click on UPDATED EDITOR!! so much better! Thanks to Chocolate on my Cranium for this tutorial! I'm sure you are all up with the times.. but just incase you arent :)


Anonymous said...

These are just gorgeous. I am available the week before Easter to help. xxxxxx Mum C

Sars life said...

I love the idea. New Kid freindly. What is not to like

Kylz said...

wow i love them! what a cute idea!
thx for the info, i just change mine!

Sars life said...

Did you seriously make fifty of these. It seemed simple at the time but it took us three hours to make four. 1 of them done by me. But an afternoon well spent.

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