Saturday, March 20, 2010

Digital Distractions

The Mr laughs at how I sit on the computer. I really do sit like that! And I often type with my arms around my legs

I am trying to limit my digital distractions (oh I have so many!)

The topic has been weighing on my mind as it came up at a Couples Conference I went to. Living a real life, not a fantasy one. How that can impact on relationships.

I read this article that was mentioned : Things as they really are by Elder Bednar

Sadly, some young men and women in the Church today ignore “things as they really are” and neglect eternal relationships for digital distractions, diversions, and detours that have no lasting value. Today I raise an apostolic voice of warning about the potentially stifling, suffocating, suppressing, and constraining impact of some kinds of cyberspace interactions and experiences upon our souls. The concerns I raise are not new; they apply equally to other types of media, such as television, movies, and music. But in a cyber world, these challenges are more pervasive and intense. I plead with you to beware of the sense-dulling and spiritually destructive influence of cyberspace technologies that are used to produce high fidelity and that promote degrading and evil purposes.

If the adversary cannot entice us to misuse our physical bodies, then one of his most potent tactics is to beguile you and me as embodied spirits to disconnect gradually and physically from things as they really are. In essence, he encourages us to think and act as if we were in our premortal, unembodied state. And, if we let him, he can cunningly employ some aspects of modern technology to accomplish his purposes. Please be careful of becoming so immersed and engrossed in pixels, texting, ear buds, twittering, online social networking, and potentially addictive uses of media and the Internet that you fail to recognize the importance of your physical body and miss the richness of person-to-person communication. Beware of digital displays and data in many forms of computer-mediated interaction that can displace the full range of physical capacity and experience.

This week the Ensign arrived with this article Digital Detachment and Personal Revelation

An overreliance on technology can also create boredom with lower-tech activities, an attitude that may extend to how we worship God, our Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. We cannot simply point and click on or download a personal, revelatory relationship with our Heavenly Father. This kind of relationship is built on quiet principles of faith, repentance, and obedience. For this reason it is vitally important to recognize the risks of digital attachment. Being constantly “plugged in” can drown out the quiet whisperings and subtle impressions of the Holy Spirit, breaking our personal connection with God and making it difficult, if not impossible, to receive personal revelation. We must also recognize when electronic distractions keep us from quieter, more significant uses of our time. We must guard against becoming so attached to digital devices that we become detached from God.

On Oprah the other day they had Peter Walsh was making a family live without any electronic games/computers etc for a week. They were talking how people can communicate better than ever these days, yet it is not helping families or individuals, actually hindering.

All these things tipped me over the edge this week to admitting that I have a problem!
Not too major, but still there.

Alas I think I may have to restrict electronic time. Boooo.....

I know I have a problem when I am already sighing with sadness.

I'm only blogging about this to hold myself accountable. I was more than happy to continue in my denial. Now how do I go about it? Set a time for computer use?

Don't fill my inbox with screams of  "Don't Go ... We will miss you, my life just wont be the same without your blog!!".  It shouldn't impact the blog too much. Its one of my few creative outlets that I love.


Fiona said...

ha ha ha!! Excellent, an electronic fast... how to limit your time... they say that more than two hours screen time a day is not good for your health! Looking forward to seeing how it all goes. Great idea, good luck.

Felicity said...

I have read the elder Bednar talk before and felt a similar way to you! To much time spent on the computer!! I'll think i'll have to set myself a limit too :) good luck to us both :)

Janell said...

I know know know know this is not going to be welcome from our recent emailing - but give it a go, for one week, comments off, and see how it feels. Just an idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been completely liberating for me - but then, I wouldn't be able to easily leave this comment for you! love ya ta pieces!!

mylittlegems said...

I read that talk and totally thought about sharing it too- perhaps I still will. It is so easy to get distracted by the computer:)

Unknown said...

Didn't help that the PC has crashed 4 times in the last week. :)

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