Friday, March 12, 2010

Easter Wreath

I was so excited when I saw this idea at This is My Life.

This took me under an hour and that was with little helpers and interuptions. Minus that and you could do this in 15 mins!

I only bought 2 packets of plastic eggs (around the 6cm sized ones) and it wasn't enough. I have plenty of old eggs from easter last year, so used a few of the smaller ones from there. So to be safe buy yourself 3 -4 sleeves of eggs - I suppose it depends how big you make the circle.

Basically glue gun on the plastic eggs to a cardboard wreath in a circular motion with pointy ends facing outwards.( I made my wreath out a cereal box - two layers to make it sturdy)

Repeat with a second layer with pointy ends facing inwards. Then Glue extra eggs on top to cover up the gaps.

Use shredded celophane (they only had shredded paper at spotlight, but celophane would be better) to stuff in the gaps. I placed a little glue in there to hold it.

Add a bow and string and attach to your door.

I had an inner squeal when I drove down my street and saw it from afar yesterday..

so happy looking!


Felicity said...

Bobbie I LOVE your wreath!! It looks great! (and I also LOVE your door...gorgeous :)

Delightful Domestic Science said...

That's so darling Bobbie!

Our little family said...

That's a cute idea. I always mean to do fun crafts for Easter, but I never do. Check out this one.
Then you can just spray paint it different colors throughout the year to match the holiday.

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