Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I won't win mother of the year from my neighbours

Miss G is a climber. She has never fallen from any heights she climbs, maybe thats why she isnt afraid.

At school when we drop off her sisters she is often found scaling the drain pipe up the building, climbing the large round metal poles (like a coconut tree) that hold up the undercover area, and shimmying up the basketball hoop pole.

Lately her favourite place to hang at home is on our varandah handrails.

I'll call out her name when I can't find her in the house, and she is usually up here hidden in the hedge.

I know she is fine and I know she is safe.

But this is what it looks like on the 'other side' of the fence.

Dangerous! This side is higher than my head.

Three times this month I have heard different individuals out in the lane asking if she is ok.

Yesterday I was doing some house work (while she was playing in the bath)

I hear a scottish accent saying

Hello... Hello..... anyone there...

I go out saying Yes...(why does some scottish lady want me??) 
and then I see Miss G, Naked, standing on the fence again!

I say 'Oh she's Ok'   Concerned Lady says "I thought she was by herself ,stuck'

Thank you I say.

"Miss G hop down, you are naked and scaring everyone in the street."



Sars life said...

Have to laugh at this one. The only thing detering Miss G's cousin from doing the same was the neighbours large not so friendly dog.

Unknown said...

Thats hilarious! That poor scottish lady....

likeschocolate said...

Isn't it funny how everyone feels the need to make comments about others people children. Though, I think I would be nervous about her walking along the fence like that. I am sure you are use to it. She is going to be your adventure seeker.

The Swann Family said...

lol. She's a champ... all your kids are. My kids are feral too but, like yours, they're also very well rounded and not lacking developmentally by any means. It doesn't matter what you do/don't do as a parent, people will form unfavorable opinions sometimes because... it's their self-appointed job. So my theory is- do what you want. :) You're a great Mum!

Unknown said...

This made me laugh so hard!!!

Good for you Miss G - not going to get away with that forever!

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