Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simple Pleasures

You know how often I blog about how weird or exhasperating my kids can be. Now I want to think about how sometimes this whole parenting caper pays off.

We have had two birthdays in the last few weeks. The girls are very content with simple. They didn't really have any excessive requirements for presents. Very modest desires. Easily Pleased. Yet Excited.

Sometimes I can see headway being made. I catch small glimpses of what I am trying to impart to these girls. Oh my desires that they learn to be happy. Learn to be content. Learn to have joy in the simple things. Learn to be kind and think of others.

All those times I say (anytime that gifts are recieved - Christmas, Birthday, Easter etc) that it isn't about the presents but the things you do. Time spent. Traditions followed. Loved Shared. That it might actually pay off occasionally?

Sometimes more effort can be required at first, but I am so happy when on their birthdays the presents aren't the first thing the girls go for or demand. In fact one of them almost forgot that there were presents there on the table! Perhaps its the addition of flames first thing.. but whatever it is...

it makes me happy!

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Wilson Family said...

To the Lord, we're all the same anyway. If we love our kids and let them rely on the us, and their siblings, and teach them to love God, in the grand scheme of it all, does anything else matter? You're a wonderful mum, Bobbie. Your kids are anything but mediocre.

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