Monday, April 12, 2010

Bed Wars

Sometimes I wish I could cover my room in super soft comfy mattresses.

The whole room.

Then we could all sleep in there.

No musical beds.

No crying out about  - bad dreams, sore legs, scared, thirst

No two hours at night rotating between rooms at bedtime. No reassurances needed at the cot, no laying on my bed with Miss G, no singing in another room to Miss A (the only person who will ever ask me to sing), chat time with Miss K, favourite books in different beds, waterbottles, tooth brushing and sometimes returnings - returned to their beds.

And think of what I could do with the spare rooms!

A study, Toy Room, Craft room.. the options are limitless.

When we had international students living with us the three girls shared a room.

I can't tell you the incredulous looks I would get from people when I said I had 3 in a room. When I was pregnant with number 4 I would joke 'can I squeeze 4 in a room?"  Pretty much amounts to child abuse these days. (Don't joke The Mr shared a room with his 3 brothers at one stage - two sets of bunks and he turned out ok :)

The girls didn't complain, in fact they were a little sad when I split them. They rarely went in their room except to sleep anyways. I don't have teenagers needing space trying to avoid us (yet!)

But as with everything I seem to suffer from split personality - I do like my space  so alas the dreams of a sumptous pillow filled room may go unfilled. Though I do know families who do it. I applaud them. I am secretly jealous. Because if I am going to get a visitor or two every few nights - I might as well have a BIGGER BED! A bed the size of the whole room!

Or if I had the money I would buy 4 of  these little beds   or these   or two of these as bunks   and line the girls up in one room ala` Madeline . -
`In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.`

Ahh Bed wars - where would any parent be without them?

Really all I want is to hop in a bed for a long long time :)


Our little family said...

At one point growing up, Rusty shared a room with 6 siblings! 1 bunk bed, a triple bunk, and his brother in the cupboard. The room is about 6 feet by 10 feet. So yes, I think you could put all 4 in one room! :)

Delightful Domestic Science said...

We have a really strict
"sleep in your own bed" policy. Last night though Hinckley slept in my bed as Chad was away - lets just say it was a reminder to me as to why we have to strict "sleep in your own bed" rule. Lots of hits to my face, kicking off the covers heaps and I barely got a wink of sleep! On the other hand though it was a comfort to have a warm little bod beside me.

Sars life said...

As you said your Mr. shared a room with his 3 brothers and his 3 sisters also shared a room. I did not miss the personal space until I was at least 9. I did not like sleeping in a room on my own. And our parents room was off limits at all times, regardless. We are constantly fighting minor bed wars here but Mummy wins out in the end. Your Miss G put my older boys to shame with her excellent behaviour when she slept over at our house. The things kids do!

Just ME said...

After about the 3rd week of my firstborn's life, I vowed never to share my room again. Now. neither of my children want to come to me. They enjoy snuggling down in their own peace and quiet!

Our little family said...

I love your FHE posts, by the way. They're wonderful. It's inspired me to make over our FHE's.

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