Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A bit of fresh air

Now I know what you will look like in 70 years time.

Short, Chunky in a Soft cotton house dress and runners :)

On the last day of the holidays I took 5 kids to the museum and the art gallery.

There was this lovely interactive art instalment piece.

A pile of recyclable rubbish. It was huge. The kids were encouraged to make aeroplanes out of it.
The planes would then be displayed as part of the art.

Then there was this lovely room for quiet reflection.

With so many kids in and out, I don't know how quiet we were. But the girls managed these poses on their own.

But their favourite thing?

The air vents along the way. There are about 15 of these.

They knew from previous visits what these airvents can do.

Al`a Marilyn Monroe.

They did this for over 10 mins. Walking from one vent to the next. All 4 of them in a row.

The looks I got! Pointing, nods, smirks, whispers between friends.

But most people had a chuckle and thought the girls were hilarious..

Glad we could make other peoples day. Laughing at us, or with us I suppose

We all need a little fun now and then. And a bit of fresh air :)


Anonymous said...

The first picture looks like what my grandmother wore to my wedding

Sars life said...

Most of the time what your expectations of what the children will learn from a planned outing will not be what you planned for them to learn. But there is a correlation between how much fun the children have exploring in relation to what they take home from the experience. It looked like a lot of fun!

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