Friday, April 2, 2010

Buns and Bunnies

Whipped up 3 of these last night to go in the girls Easter Baskets for tomorrow (we do the chocolate thing early to leave Sunday for the Spiritual) these are found at Purl Bee and were extremely easy. Miss K even made her own version. I like to include a few non edible things in their baskets.

Good Friday morning was spent making these Hot Cross Buns. Recipe found at The girls said they would like to try a choc chip version. I would have happily complied if I had some choc chips. They ate these lovely Currant filled ones anyway though. Filled the house with a lovely smell. I should have added more spice though I think. I happily ate mine with a big glass of milk.

I was actually contemplating that I wanted my girls to "Do something Good" on Good Friday. Doesn't that sound like a good family tradition? Helping others, giving to others. Doing service on Good Friday.  Well in the end I didn't come up with anything until The MR reminded me that our family has to clean half the church once a week for a month - so we spent an hour or two cleaning the church - wiping, vaccuming, cleaning toilets, dusting, throwing away rubbish. I think our Good was accomplished today.


Delightful Domestic Science said...

I like your idea to "do something good" that's a really neat tradition to start!

Felicity said...

your hot cross buns look delish - I think we'll have to check out that recipe later! I also like your idea of doing something good on Good Friday....we have a similar tradition of service over Easter and this year as one of our service activities we bought chickens for families in a 3rd world country (it's organised through the Salvos ( and after a little lesson on Christ like love and service this was a nice activity :) the kids especially liked doing the chicken's on the website :)

Anyway hope you all have a lovely Easter!!

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